Monday, March 16, 2015

Reappearing Ghost Faces

Scary ghost or spirit faces, perhaps shadow people, haunt a paranormal, creepy, and scary woman's house in Spain. 

Strange faces continuously appear on the walls of a woman’s house in Spain. No matter how much effort put forth into removing them, they always reappear….sometimes even with a smirk.

In 1971, in a small town in Andalucia, Spain, a woman named Maria Gomez was shocked one day to see a stain in the kitchen's concrete floor in the image of a woman's face. No amount of scrubbing was able to remove it, and it was so disconcerting that she had her husband tear it out and pour in a new concrete floor. The new floor had barely dried when the stained image of the same woman's face reappeared, this time with a very slight smile as if mocking their attempts.

The new image in the floor was carefully cut out and removed to be sent for chemical analysis and testing, which was unable to verify its origins.

Over the next 30 years, dozens of mysterious portraits have appeared and disappeared on the floors and walls of the family residence. Swarms of tourists, journalists and investigators have flocked to the small home to verify the phenomenon for themselves. 

Skeptics have long accused the family of painting the faces with various chemicals, but no testing has ever been able to prove this, and amazingly, images sealed away by investigators would alter their appearance overnight, despite the impossibility.

Legends say that the house is built on an ancient graveyard, and that Mrs. Gomez is either channelling their spirits directly or is imprinting her mental visions of the deceased into the concrete by a telekinetic process called Psychic Thoughtography.

Why has testing revealed absolutely nothing about the images?...and why do they keep reappearing in different forms so as to mock attempts to cover them up?

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