Saturday, April 9, 2016

Fringe For Real? Parallel Universes May Interact With Our Own

It turns out Fringe could be real. One of our favorite shows, which ended in 2013 after a far too short 5 season run, posited that alternate universes not only exist but interact with our own.
Now, a radical new quantum theory is arguing that parallel universes exist in vast numbers and exert a repulsive influence on our universe, which could explain the spooky, near incomprehensible behavior of quantum mechanics. Prof. Howard Wiseman, a physicist at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia, is one of the authors of the new “many interacting worlds” theory that is challenging the credulity of even the most out-there scientists.
When asked about the possibility of humans in our universe communicating with or contacting people from other universes–a huge storyline in the Fringe series, and countless other scifi narratives–Wiseman responded: “It’s not part of our theory…But the idea of interactions with other universes is no longer pure fantasy.”
Indeed, it isn’t. What do you think? Could parallel universes interacting with our own be the cause of our little quantum enigma…and could it be possible that these other universes can someday be contacted–or even visited? Maybe it’s a question for advanced artificial intelligence to answer….

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