Monday, June 2, 2014

UFOs reported moving out of ocean near Marine base

Several witnesses near Camp Pendleton, CA, reported groups of UFOs moving in and out of the ocean for more than an hour, according to testimony in one of the 94 cases logged in over Memorial Day weekend from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.
The reporting witness in Case 56569 recalled events that occurred with three friends beginning about 8 p.m. on July 10, 2011, after they traveled Trestle's Trail leading to a cliff overlooking the beach and noticed lights in the water.
"We saw a red light turn on and it was just bobbing in the water," the witness stated. "In some time two more red lights appeared bobbing in the water. We continued to watch for about 45 minutes as the lights would turn off, turn green, and multiply until there were about 13 lights bobbing in the water."
The group decided to go home, but the reporting witness and one friend walked away together.
"About 30 minutes after we separated we were near home but decided to stop at a spot nicknamed 'the view,' next to San Onofre Middle School, to get a look at the lights again. We watched them bob for another 20 minutes before about half of them ascended and zoomed in formation into space without making a sound, as five to six others came into view from what I'd say to be a warp-speed capacity and gently stopped for half a second and then dove into the water and all of the lights in the water at that time disappeared as if diving down with the newly arrived ones."
The two continued to watch.
"So we stayed there for another 20 minutes fixated on the ocean before noticing there's a sort of stereotypical looking saucer-and-dome with a white light circling the diameter of the saucer. It was as high as a helicopter might fly. It was making slow, wide orbits around us overhead."
The two began walking toward their housing area, but kept an eye on the sky for the lights.
"We saw another fleet of the red/green light ships (they were all red at this time). They were moving fast, and low. I'd say only 50-60 feet in the air, and still not making a sound. The one in the lead of the formation did a loop while it passed us, quickly slowing speed and coming lower to us, about 30 feet, then within two seconds of that, it matched the speed of the fleet and continued in the lead. They were being pursued by what we thought were highly sophisticated, small, and quiet fighter jets, but upon reflection they must have been drones."
The group of objects then moved out over the ocean.
"The drones were in quick pursuit but without any sort of sound or light being emitted. They did not come out the other side of the cloud like the UFOs had. Then half the fleet of ships dove into the ocean and the other half zoomed out of sight towards the stars."
The witness got a good look at one of objects.
"They were of a smooth metal, like liquid mercury, and their shape was like a red blood cell, with the red half-sphere light atop in the middle. They were probably about six feet wide and about 12 feet long. It wasn't even higher than the telephone pole we were next to."
The two decided to return to "the view" area.
"At the same light pole we saw the blood-cell ship at we noticed the stereotypical dome ship was still observing us, following us overhead. So we stopped and I started waving my hands like you'd do in an S.O.S, and it started orbiting in a circle above us again and then descended to where he was probably only 10 feet higher than the telephone pole and hovered there for about a minute and then all of a sudden zoomed into space, just as fast and quiet as the rest."
Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton is located in Southern California, and is in San Diego County. MUFON Southern California is investigating.

Source: Examiner

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