Thursday, June 12, 2014

(Video) Woman’s Cataracts Healed After Remembering Past Life as Hermit Whose Eyes Were Burned

Amy Weiss is the daughter of past-life regression therapist Dr. Brian Weiss, a Yale-educated psychiatrist who was recently featured on Oprah. Though her father has long guided patients to remember their past lives, she had never recalled a past life under hypnosis.
She attended a session her father was holding at the hospital she worked at as a social worker, not really expecting any results. She was 25 years old at the time and had been told she may lose her eyesight due to cataracts.
When her doctor told her she may become blind, she thought, “Why do I have the eyes of an old man?” That description of her condition was fitting in a way she didn’t imagine at the time.
She was in the room at the hospital with several others, closing her eyes and listening to her father tell the group to go back in time to when their symptoms first began.
“Immediately, I saw myself in the body of an old man with long, white hair living in the Middle Ages. So here I am in the 1400s or 1500s living in a hut, and I was basically a hermit. I never interacted with other people.
“These townspeople thought I was a wizard and I was evil. So they came in with their torches and set fire to everything I owned and the fire burned my eyes and it blinded me.
“I felt like my heart linked into this man’s heart, and I could feel his pain. That man just sunk into a deep depression.”
Her father told the group to go to the end of that life and hear the message they should take away from it. She heard, “Sadness clouds the eyes.”
“For me that had a double meaning, not just that I had been carrying the cataracts and the literal blindness from the past life, but I was also still seeing the world unclearly. I had been carrying that man’s sadness in the present life too,” she said.
Shortly after this session, her cataracts were healed. Weiss said there could be biological explanations for the healing that she’s not aware of, “but it doesn’t really matter to me. What matters to me is that they were gone and that they healed.”
She said her relationship with her father was strengthened, as she gained a deeper understanding of his work. 

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