Thursday, July 17, 2014

Indian Archaeologists Digging Up To Find Treasure Based In Ghostly Advice

Archaeologists in India have been digging under a 19th century fort hoping to find a massive treasure after a popular Hindu holy man told a politician friend that the ghost of King Rao Ram Baksh Singh appeared to him in a dream telling him about the exact location of a treasure worth $50 billions!

The digging started after Indian geological and archaeological officials found evidence of heavy metal about 66 feet underground. Publicly however, officials from the Archaeological Survey of India are strongly denying that they are digging based on a ghost’s suggestion.
“Archaeology doesn’t work according to the dreams of a holy man, or anybody else. Archaeology is a science. We are carrying out this excavation on the basis of our findings” at the site, said Syed Jamal Hasan, an agency official.
Apparently, the timing was just a massive coincidence!
Let’s see how this one turn out, could this holy man be the real deal?

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