Monday, July 14, 2014

Teenage Girl Captures On Her iPad The Ghost Of A Man Wearing A Top Hat?

Charlotte Wearing, 16, claims to have captured with her iPad a Victorian ghost wearing a top hat, in her garden. What makes this case compelling are the claims by both the girl and her mother that they have seen the same man/ghost on their property regularly over the last four years. Charlotte also claims to have seen the ghost of woman in a blue dress holding a baby in her house last year.
Could it be a hoax backed up by elaborate lies? The mother and daughter would be in serious need of counselling if that was the case. There’s also apps out there that will add a ghost to your photos. If that was the case however, one would think that they would be quickly exposed as fraudsters by those who are familiar with the ghosts used in these apps – the 2 ladies must have been aware of that before pulling a hoax.
There’s also the possibility that this is a photoshopped photo. One thing seems to be obvious tho is that is not an optical illusion or pareidolia. The hat is extremely well defined, it is on top of a defined head, which is on top of the shape of a human torso. And the black shape in the photo, forming the man, has no business being there.
Experts should be able to determine if the photo was altered in a graphic software by looking at the JPEG/Exif code. 
What do you think? Real ghost?

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