Friday, July 11, 2014


Danielle Niblett of Maryland was on her way home from college when she came across a crash site on the highway. She felt “compelled” to snap a photo of the crash site and discover an intriguing figure in one of the pictures.  The photo was sent to paranormal website, Ghost Study, to be analyzed.

In an interview, Niblett shares:
“I took this photo while passing a crash site on my way home from college. I didn’t notice the ghostly image until a friend of mine told me that they could see the wrecked SUV behind the firefighters. I zoomed into the right side of the photo for a closer look and I was a little freaked at what I saw. I showed it to my family and my grandmother then mentioned that I should share it with those that would appreciate it most. What we see in the picture is what we believe to be a spirit leaving the accident scene. If that is the case, I think your viewers would appreciate seeing it too.”

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