Wednesday, May 27, 2015

HOLY BATMAN! UFO Sighting [Flying Humanoid] Over UK! MAY 26 2015,

HOLY BATMAN! UFO Sighting [Flying Humanoid] Flying Monster Over UK! MAY 26 2015, Strange UFO! Quote From Alex Levin " Love your work.
Actually just got done watching your piece with Robert Bingham where you spot that pipe sticking up out the water. So I did that looking in the sky thing and mentally saying please come; 5-10 mins later look what I just filmed!!! I thought it was a balloon at fist until it moved strangely, it looked exactly like some dude crouched down flying above the buildings outside my window... Where this clip ends I jump up from my desk grab my binoculars and the 4 or so seconds I still had it in view, I would swear it was almost crawling through the air with muscular movements.."

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