Monday, May 25, 2015

Photos of People Laughing in the Face of Death - Rare and Genuine Glimpses of World War II

Presenting rare and genuine glimpses of World War II pilots, soldiers, sailors, spies, and resistance fighters caught in their last and final moments. Their defiance has been preserved for history... including an unknown Soviet spy laughing at his winter soldier executioner, French Resistance member Georges Blind cracking a smile at a Nazi firing line before being sent across Europe to a concentration camp, the crew of the Japanese aircraft carrier Zuikaku giving one last Banzai cheer before sinking into the Pacific, communist hero and Yugoslav Partisan Stjepan Filipović shouting death to fascism with a hanging rope around his neck, and Japanese kamikaze pilot Yukio Araki playing with a puppy just hours before a suicide attack on an American naval group near Okinawa.

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