Thursday, June 18, 2015

SOLID PROOF!! FLYING SAUCER's Extract ENERGY OFF H.A.A.R.P!! Enhanced Video! 2015

SOLID PROOF!! UFO Sightings FLYING SUACER's Extract ENERGY OFF H.A.A.R.P!! Enhanced Video! BIG TIME!! H.A.A.R.P ACTION! UFO Sightings SCARY NEW VIDEO! 2015 SHARE THIS!! BULL WHIP Lightning???! SCARY VIDEO! Blake Cousins Interviews Eyewitness Quade! Quote from Quade "This happened in Greenwood, Indiana USA June 12, 2015 I was out riding my bicycle and a storm was approaching, then this strange light caught my eye so I pulled out my phone and shot this video. I had no idea what it was untill I did some research when I got home and found out that it's called haarp, a government research program (They Say)!! Take a closer look at the beginning of the video right when the beam disappears for a second it moves part of the cloud upwards then comes back."

Original QuadeM13 Video Click Here

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