Sunday, January 26, 2014

UFO visits International Space Station.

Do we know that our international space station could be under observation of non humans? Possibly, Yes.UFOs have set a vigilant watch over us and our ISS activities. Streetcap1 UFOs media news reported that an unusual sight of UFO has been captured near the international space station. Streetcap1 on YouTube has recorded the footage of UFOs penetration near the ISS.  This video reveals that UFO expels a light that is coming from its downside shading the outer wall of the ISS. 
Researchers and Ufologists hold the opinion that “the light emitted by this UFO is something unknown to most of us”. We are highly concerned about the nature of light that had been shaded over the outer wall of ISS. They further said that hovering of crafts overinternational space station is not a new phenomenon, we observe the penetration of UFOs on daily basis but we are highly concerned about its light. 

This news in social media spread like a fire in the forest. People started commenting on it and a fan of ufology (Swash Buckling) wrote in his comments at Streetcap1 official Face book page that “We know that our growing penetration in the sky is something related to UFOs, it is the reason they used to check our activities”.

This few minutes’ footage clearly shows the movement of this unidentified flying object and how it unprecedentedly emitted its light.  No doubt, this is an astounding clip.  

Needless to say that this is not the very first time that these objects have been observed while penetrating near the ISS. There are plenty of reports, clips, news stories and photographs showing movement of UFOs near ISS.

Was this object really just observing us or was it preparing for something threatening?

Source: The Canadian

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