Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sir Alec Guinness once witnessed a ghost.

The legendary award-winning actor detailed his encounter in a recently published letter to his wife.

The letter was written by Sir Alec on March 23, 1984 and was sent from Bangalore during the filming of "A Passage To India". Well known for his roles in movies such as "Star Wars" and "The Bridge On The River Kwai", the then 69-year-old detailed a strange incident that took place one night when an unexpected noise woke him up.

"Last night I heard my bathroom door click open," he wrote. "I was immediately awake and called, 'What’s that?' A very conventional white ghost appeared, an elderly... woman in grey white and heavily veiled. I couldn’t make out her face. She moved... with dignity down the side of my bed and as I clicked on the light she disappeared."

The actor's official biographer Piers Paul Read stated that he hadn't been aware of the letter but knew that Sir Alec was known for being superstitious.

"In the Navy he also had a premonition about being drowned in an oncoming storm," he said. "I don’t think he claimed to be psychic but he was open to the idea." 

Source: Daily Mail

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