Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Doll captured on camera falling off of dresser at haunted mansion in Ohio

A couple of guys got more than they bargained for after they decided to explore an alleged haunted mansion alone together. The two skeptical paranormal investigators spent the night searching for ghosts in the Prospect Place Estate in Trinway, Ohio and after they reviewed the footage later that night, something extraordinary happened upon playback of one of their cameras.
Paranormal investigators John Albrecht and Dave Goldinger left Akron, Ohio on September 9, 2012 and headed south to Trinway, Ohio to visit the infamous Prospect Place Estate in Trinway, Ohio. While investigating the location, the two may have captured proof of one of the mansion's ghosts honing their haunting skills on video.
In the video, a doll can be seen falling off of a dresser and onto the floor. At the time the doll fell, Albrecht and Goldinger were outside taking a break, sitting on the front porch of the mansion.
"We set up a few trigger objects in the upstairs parlor. Making sure everything is in view of the infrared video camera, we went upstairs to the attic ballroom, set up another video camera, then finally head outside for a brief break. While talking about women and other topics, something hit me in the back. Assuming that a piece of the house fell and hit me, I picked it up, examined it and I noticed that it was a shard of concrete from the porch. The mansion is made of brick, so it didn't fall from the house, and it wasn't masonry grout," Albrecht said.
Both investigators are baffled and they agree that there has to be a rational explanation for what had happened on the porch. Seconds later, the guys hear a loud thud in the house. The noise came from the second floor of the house and the guys eventually learn that it was from a doll falling off the dresser in the parlor. Goldinger believes that the two incidents weren't a coincidence.

Source: Examiner

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