Monday, August 4, 2014

Humanoid figure with a bright aura and wings captured on a wildlife camera.

An unusual image, that was posted on Coast To Coast AM’s website on Friday, has been receiving a bit of conversation & speculation since. A law enforcement officer from Georgia shared an image of a humanoid figure with a bright aura and possible wings. The photo was captured on a wildlife camera. People are wondering what the unidentified presence could be. Is it a simple photo anomaly? Could it be a spirit or different type of entity? Or is it a hoax?

I've seen many 'fairy' images in the past, but nothing this large...and not from a trail cam. I've been looking at the outline of the anomaly and it looks somewhat like a cicada, especially the veined wing structure. I'm not sure if this area of Georgia had a cicada hatch in 7/2011 (image date). What do you think?


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