Thursday, August 28, 2014

NBC Cameraman Catches UFO on Camera & Endures Hours of Interrogation by FBI - August 22, 2014

A cameraman for the NBC news affiliate KSNW captures a rod type UFO in the skies of Kansas and claims to have been interrogated by the FBI for 10 hours.

KSNW's news photographer Brandon Mowry captured this rod UFO in 2002 while filming news footage at Albany International Airport. Brandon was not looking in the view finder of his camera when he captured the UFO and did not notice it until he was editing the footage.

"When I was in the edit Bay I just so happened to pause it on one of the 7 frames that it was in."

After informing the news station what he had captured the station then called the police, who in return called the FBI. Brandon claims the FBI Interogated him for hours, giving him a polygraph test. At the time the FBI thought the news photographer faked the footage of the UFO.

The footage shows this rod UFO going behind a cloud that was estimated to be at 5,000 feet which news reporter Anne Meyer says Brandon could not fake.

The footage of the UFO is featured in a new History Channel series called MONSTERQUEST. The series looks at the theory of rods which some believe are biological creatures that live in the upper atmosphere and just recently been captured on camera. Some experts say that these rod UFOs are merely tricks of light that effects the cameras eye.

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