Saturday, August 30, 2014

Strange shadowy figure captured on time-lapse camera in Oregon

A photographer got more than he hoped for after reviewing a time-lapse video camera that he set up in a cemetery to a capture the sunset last week. A mysterious shadowy figure is seen in one of the images. Portland's ABC news affiliate KATU posted the time-lapse video online yesterday. A lot of people are wondering what the unidentified presence could be and there are quite a few theories as to what the figure actually is.
On July 23 photographer Nathan Ziegler set up the time-lapse camera in the Old Pioneer Cemetery in Milton-Freewater, Oregon to film the sunset. The camera was set to take a still photo at 30 second intervals. After reviewing the footage, Ziegler noticed a strange figure in one of the frames.
The figure appeared in one frame at 9:08:30 but isn't in either frame 30 seconds before or after that frame.
“I don’t know what to make of it,” Ziegler said about the strange figure in the video.
Some people are speculating that the cemetery is haunted and that the image is proof of a ghost. Other folks have different opinions on what it might be. Some think it could've been a fallen tree limb, a bug on the lens, or just a human visitor.
Ziegler and his brother-in-law returned to the cemetery on July 24 and looked on the ground near the tree but found no fallen limbs. He has no explanation or guess as to what the figure is but he believes it's highly unlikely that it was a bug due to the camera's small lens.
35-year-old Ziegler is a school principal living in Minneapolis, Minnesota but grew up in Milton-Freewater. He visits the Walla Walla Valley every summer with his wife Tennille.

Source: Examiner

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