Sunday, September 28, 2014

An OMG UFO Picture From 1995 Just Released To MUFON - Jerseyville, Illinois

"It was in the late springtime in 1995 I was returning home from a local car show.As i was exiting my car in my driveway I noticed a funnel cloud crossing the field next to our home. there was a lot of popup bad thunderstorms with tornado's ,kind of a outbreak that day.Well I already had camera in hand exiting my car when i decided to just use up the rest of the roll of film from the car show we had been at that day when I started taking pictures of the funnel cloud that did spawn a tornado touchdown just few miles up the rode." 

"Never saw the objects that I photographed until I got the film back from being developed quite some time later like 6 months to year later.It wasn't until my wife and my sister where going through the rolls of film that she had just gotten developed that we noticed there was something on one of the photos. My sister came to me and asked me what i was trying to photograph in this picture when i told her it was a funnel cloud becoming a tornado that eventually dropped down a few miles away, when she said no not that, the objects in the sky? That is when we discovered I had caught something on film following the storm. Didn't know what it was then and the photo still makes people scratch their head when they look at it today.So if someone can shed light on this photo that would be great because its been a mystery to me for almost 20 years."

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