Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Man claims that he had and recorded conversation with bigfoot

Alright, folks. Sasquatch Ontario is back. He has taken things up a notch and now has recordings of him interacting with Bigfoot in real-time. He's been accused of faking his audio tracks, but proof of that is still in the air. Whether you believe this guy is the real deal or not, his videos are quite interesting and will surely stir up some debate:

This is what sasquatch activity is about. It's about a sentient people that teach us hairless ones their truth through interaction. 

They are beyond our understanding. A growing number of individuals and families are learning through first hand experience what sasquatch activity is all about. They show us benevolence and understanding. 

As mainstream science continues to chase apes, a growing number of people are being shown the truth. This is no longer a question of existence but rather a question of why is the truth ignored? - Sasquatch Ontario

Source: http://bigfootevidence.blogspot.pt/

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