Thursday, October 30, 2014

Have North-east castle staff captured a ghost on camera?

IS THIS mysterious mist evidence of ghosts at a so-called haunted North-east castle?
Staff at the National Trust for Scotland’s 700 year-old Drum Castle in Aberdeenshire were left scratching their heads by image, captured on one of the estate's webcams.
The conservation charity’s wildlife team had set up cameras in the castle’s stables to observe a nesting family of swallows.
Property manager Dr Alison Burke said: “Everyone tells me that Drum Castle is a haunted place and that there are strange happenings here. 
“I have always been highly sceptical but there have been too many inexplicable events that cannot be ignored.
“I have to admit, when I checked the camera and found this image a cold shiver ran down my spine.”
The webcam is motion-activated and the NTS said it was “certain” it wasn’t triggered by a swallow or an insect.
There have been many stories of apparitions and unexplained sounds at the castle, between Peterculter and Banchory.
The stables are next to a garden where people have reported hearing two women laughing together despite no one being present.

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