Thursday, October 30, 2014

This Couple Was Driving When The Craziest Thing Ever Happened. This Is Insane!

A couple was driving from West Monroe, Louisiana in route to Memphis. Along the way they were stopped at a train crossing in a small quaint town called Mer Rouge, LA. They noticed that a tractor trailer was pulling an enormous crane across the tracks when it stalled and the lights signaling an oncoming train started flashing. Seconds later, the train horns started getting louder and louder as the approaching train sped closer and closer. Luckily the camera came out before the inevitable catastrophe occurred and the couple caught the whole thing on tape.

The reason the semi truck stalled on the track initially causing the train collision was because the trailer that it was towing was too low to cross the raised train track. A total of 19 train cars were derailed and the surrounding area was evacuated immediately. Two people were life flighted out of the wreckage and the driver of the semi truck was able to jump out of his truck before the collision.

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