Thursday, November 27, 2014

Another Astonishing Evidence of Buildings On Mars, Oct 2014

Most of them have been reported before, but they were all near one another so I decided to report them to you in hopes that some of you haven't seen them yet. They are all located near the famous Cydonia face.

Google Mars. The coordinates of each anomaly are below.
1st 30° 3'38.65"N 11°29'52.91"W
2nd 33°10'9.97"N 12°54'29.78"W
3rd 34° 6'55.23"N 13°17'8.14"W
4th 36°50'36.60"N 13°21'42.65"W
5th 40° 0'14.37"N 8°58'3.23"W
6th 40°20'53.70"N 9°33'10.22"W

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