Saturday, March 15, 2014

Ancient Egyptians cursed U.S. by claiming it for demonic lord Baal, ‘spiritual archaeologist’ says.

A self-proclaimed “spiritual archaeologist” explained what gave Satan “a legal right” to the United States and other nations to prevent godly rule, reported Right Wing Watch.
John Benefiel told Cindy and Mike Jacobs on their “God Knows” program that ancient explorers brought idols to a Canaanite god on their travels throughout the world – including to North America.
“Ancient Egyptians and Phoenicians, who were great mariners, actually came to this land now called the United States and they left their petroglyphs, their rock art as they came,” Benefiel explained.
The theory is based on the writings of pseudo-historian Barry Fell, who claimed to have found rock inscriptions at sites in West Virginia that tell the story of Christ’s birth written in a Celtic script dating to the 6th or 8th centuries, but others scholars have strongly criticized his work and accused him of deliberate fraud.
But Benefiel, a self-described apostle who took part in Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s “The Response” prayer rally, said these ancient explorers brought demonic artifacts with them on their travels.
“They were Baal worshippers, that was their god, and they left their petroglyphs, their rock art, as they went along the waterways claiming the land – literally claiming it for Baal,” Benefiel said to the astonishment of his hosts.
Watch this video segment posted online by Right Wing Watch:

Source: Raw Story

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