Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Great Wall of Texas Could Change History

Usually, when someone thinks of the “Great Wall,” instantly China comes to mind. But, Texas holds a “Great Wall” of its own, roughly 3.5 miles wide by 5.6 mile long. It’s quite small compared to the length of the Great Wall of China. However, resting at least 40 feet high, it was quite an achievement for whoever built it—if it is indeed man-made.
Discovered in 1852 by three farmers who were digging a well, the Great Wall of Texas has received little attention over the years from the scientific and archaeological community. Harvard-trained architect John Lindsey and geologist James Shelton have been among the scientists calling for further investigation into the anomalies of this structure.
If it is man-made (rather than a natural formation), it could require a reevaluation of history. The nearby Caddo Native American tribe has no history of building such structures, and it’s commonly accepted that they were also incapable of building the structure.
“After compiling past records, data, and documents, including recent studies and research, evidence of a prehistoric structure built by man is mounting,” said Architect John Lindsey in 1996, according to the Rockwall County Historical Foundation
A home video filmed during an excavation at the site in 1998:

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