Sunday, May 17, 2015

Major Earthquake Unrest -- Next 7 day outlook

Major Earthquake Unrest -- Next 7 day outlook -- Pacific be prepared 

Things are building up

Over the past 10 days, since May 7 2015, a series of volcanic eruptions, and large earthquakes has taken place across the Pacific.

(said Baltic sea about 20min into the video .. should have been Caspian Sea just East of Turkey -- shame on me!  lol )
In addition to the multiple volcanic eruptions at Mount Sinabung, Mount Karangetang, and Sakurajima / Ontake, we all have news the Mount Bulusan and Mount Hakone might be soon erupting.

Multiple 7.0M+ earthquake struck this past week near Papua New Guinea, a Tsunami off the coast of Japan, in addition to a series of earthquakes at Dormant volcanoes along the West coast of the United States.

Full update on the past 10 days of activity at

Be on watch just South of the Swarm location near mainland Japan extending southwest towards Taiwan. Also be on watch to the East of Papua New Guinea (again) for a midrange 6.0M+ event in light of the new deep earthquake (5.0M) which struck in the Asthenosphere below Fiji.

Watch Kuril Islands for a possible VERY large earthquake, as well as a moderately large (midrange 6.0M) earthquake near South Japan / Taiwan. Hoping we only see smaller movement out of all this volcanic activity in the region.

Keep watch in Philippines / Indonesia for new (further) eruptions at the three volcanoes which started erupting this past week (Bulusan, Karangetang, and Sinabung). Keep watch on Mount Hakone in South Japan near Tokyo, and near Mount Ontake at Sakurajima.

United States , watch the far Pacific Northwest as shown in the video, the 50 mile stretch from Vancouver BC to the Alaska island border. Watch the edge of the craton states , including a new series of earthquakes which should hit Colorado -- they'll pretended to be surprised at the movement, and will deny its relation to fracking, but nonetheless watch out for it to occur.

Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas should also see new 4.0M+ activity... after we see the midwest movement , we should see follow up movement along the East coast of the United State... this should come at the end of this week going into the next earthquake forecast time period...

Southern California.. watch out East of Los Angeles near Pisgah Craters, North to mono lake for additional noteworthy movement above 4.0M but under 6.0M, also watch the DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES FRACKING OPERATION for a possible 4.0M+ event.

Europe, be on watch near South England West across the channel into North Holland.. possible 3.0M to 4.0M activity.

North Africa... be on watch from Algeria to Gibralter for a possible 5.0M+ earthquake.

Central America.. watch North Mexico in the Gulf of California for a 6.0M range event.. could be just under 6.0M in the 5.7 to 5.9M range.

South America.. .Coast of Peru into central Colombia.. 6.0 to mid 6.0M range earthquake.


Video from March 2011 a few days before the large 9.0M Japan earthquake. Compare the activity in 2011 to the activity today in 2015!

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