Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Man Grilled by UFO? - Alien Abduction at Falcon Lake

A strange UFO alien abduction is documented in the Falcon Lake area where a man is left with what seems like grill marks on him.

A man has an encounter with a spacecraft and is left with strange rectangular burn marks on his chest.

Canada's most documented close encounter with a UFO took place on May 20th 1967, in a forest surrounding Falcon Lake near Winnipeg, Manitoba. Amateur prospector Stephen Mickalak was chipping at some quartz when amazingly, a pair of saucer shaped aircraft approached over the trees, gliding in perfect unison. 

Then one broke away and settled on the rocky ground in front of him. The other hovered directly overhead momentarily, and then took off with incredible speed in a flash of red light, that was witnessed by at least 20 cottagers around the lake.

Mickalak watched in amazement and sketched what he saw as a door hatch opened near the top of the seamless fuselage. Intensely bright violet light spilled out, and the sound of two voices speaking inside was almost drowned out by a loud hum from within. He approached the silvery aircraft, but the door slid shut, and when he reached out to touch it, it melted his glove.

The saucer then rotated until a vent-like grill was aimed directly at Mickalak's chest. The humming sound increased to a loud whirring, and the saucer's glassy surface glowed red hot. The vent suddenly blasted him with such intense heat that his shirt caught fire and his chest was branded with the grill pattern, and then the saucer took off in a bright red flash. 

In addition to the burns that stank of sulfur, he was immediately ill and showed all the signs of radiation sickness. His compass had gone crazy, but he somehow made his way to the hospital where he lost 13 pounds in 2 days, but no radioactivity was detected.

When he was well enough to return to the scene he found the burnt outline of the ship, and within it were several odd-shaped items manufactured of almost pure silver foil, coated with quartz and radioactive uranium crystals. He took soil samples as well, that also tested positive for radiation. 

The Department of National Defence launched a thorough investigation in partnership with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, but no satisfactory conclusion has ever been made regarding the origins of the silver artifacts or Mickalak's mysterious burn pattern.

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