Friday, April 11, 2014

There’s a guy in India who is addicted to eating bricks

Meet the Indian man hoping to find fame and fortune by showcasing his unusual appetite for eating bricks.
Pakkirappa Hunagundi suffers from a rare eating disorder and says he is addicted to eating only bricks, gravel and mud.
‘I only like mud and bricks, nothing else,’ he told Barcroft TV. ‘I will eat it because it is my habit. I need it every day. I can’t stop.
‘My mother asks me not to eat it, but I won’t stop. Even if you give me fried chicken, I want mud at any cost.’
The 30-year-old has been eating bricks since the age of ten. He now eats up to one brick a day and three kilos of mud and gravel to fulfill his craving.
It is believed he suffers from a condition known as Pica, the persistent eating of non-food items with no nutritional value.

We find it extremely strange,’ said one local.
Mr Hunagundi has ignored pleas from friends and family to change his diet and now plans to travel across India to show off his brick-eating abilities.
He says he hasn’t suffered any ill-effects from his unusual diet.
Source: METRO

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