Monday, June 23, 2014

Cold Fusion in an Italian Crop Circle?

Crop circles aren't restricted to the megalith-infested plains of the United Kingdom - here's one that showed up in Italy on the solstice over the weekend.

But rather than being a message from aliens, or manifestations of earth energy interacting with the powers of the Sun, this one seems to be of human origin: Italian circle-maker Francesco Grassi has claimed it as his work (along with his team of Paolo Attivissimo, Marco Morocutti, Simone Angioni, Antonio Ghidoni, Davide Dal Pos, Alessandra Pandolfi), and has titled the crop glyph the "LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions) Clock" (LENR is another name for the controversial science of 'cold fusion'). We posted another circle created by Grassi and his team around this time last year.
Regardless of Grassi's claim, the decoding effort has begun in earnest at Crop Circle Connector. Jump on in if you like trying to decode ciphers.

(via Pesco at Boing Boing)
Source: Daily Grail

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