Wednesday, June 25, 2014

UFOs Swarming Over Kazakhstan And Russia

This swarm appears to be coherent. If this was random chaff, or flares, from a military maneuver, it’d be falling to the ground willy-nilly. Yes, that’s the scientific term. Then again, what would be lighting up the chaff to be visible from the ground? Chinese lanterns? Nope, these bad boys appear to be forming a helix in the night sky. A few points in favor of this video, the videographer isn’t repeating, “святое дерьмо”, the lack of a dubstep track, and 30 seconds of an intro to his YouTube channel work in Мухит А.‘s favor.

Now, 2900 kilometers away in the bustling metropolis of Tver, there’s a similar sighting making the rounds on the YouTubes.

Read the rest here: Who Forted

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