Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Memo: if you’re going to hang around an exploding volcano, be sure to dress appropriately for the occasion. Explorer, documentary maker, and fearless adventurer, George Kourounis, took on the Marum crater in the archipelago of the South Pacific’s Vanuatu, filming the dramatic happenings of an inferno lava lake and getting, in his own words, ‘a window into hell’.

‘Getting to [Marum] was kind of like a reverse climbing of Everest. The volcano fought back at us, and we had to deal with terrible weather, tremendous heat from the lava, descending and ascending 400 meters of near vertical, loose rock face, acid rain so strong that it could have come from a car battery, and a variety of other craziness’.
The footage is quite astounding.

Also watch this Tornado Filled With Hot Lava.

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