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Updated: An Analysis of the Recently Leaked Sumerian Tablets Concerning Our Origins

Written By: Jeff Behnke

Around June 12 of 2006, the 260th Quartermaster Battalion providing Petroleum Support Surveillance around Talil Air Force Base southeast of Baghdad uncovered a copper box containing a set of lapis lazuli tablets with Sumerian cuneiform embedded from within its layers. Without knowing quite what they were dealing with, a panel was assembled, in part, by at least the NSA, through the resources of both the US and British governments, to review the findings which were consequently flown out to the British Museum in London. The members were assured that yes, the finding would be shared with the rest of the world upon completion, but apparently, the governmental forces involved reneged. This is hardly surprising, but it angered those flown out to the British Museum to help out on the project, and a translation ended up surfacing in Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, Aleppo, Karachi, and Tangiers. Or so the story goes.

In March of 2008, a YouTube video was posted by a member, helvis213, who stated that he heard about the finding and the assemblage of the panel initially from a friend who is a Near Eastern scholar at a prestigious university. After the translation of the tablets began to pop up in various locations, he took the incentive to put together a video to animate the story contained on the tablets as well as provide a voiceover of the text which was uncovered. 

Following his posting, in July of 2008, an additional YouTube video appeared by another user, ENLILSPEAKS, claiming to be an anonymous interview with one of the linguists involved in the project. So without further ado, here is the somewhat fragmented, transcribed story, as copied from the posting, containing the garbled account:


"I chair the department of Semitic and Egyptian literature, [Censored] Sumerian, Akkadian and late Babylonian. [Censored]

What can you tell us about the discovery in Iraq during the summer of 2006?

I want to begin by stating clearly that everything I’m telling you is based solely on my own experience. Since my dismissal from the panel, the conclusion of the assignment, which again was only a very, very small part of a larger project. For the short term I was there, I learned quite a few things. I mean I don’t think they understood what they were really dealing with in those early stages from what I’ve heard, and my own experience I can tell you there was much less protocol and overall security procedures involved. When I arrived I was given clearance and with that I had access to the entire make shift lab.

This is a good place for a little background. For the record, In the summer of 2006 while patrolling ancient sites, a battalion of the U.S. Army discovered ancient artifacts. Shortly after a panel of middle eastern scientists was assembled in London to examine the find.

That’s right.

How did you get involved in the panel?

I received a visit from two men with NSA credentials. They explained the government’s position and from what I would say, pretty foggy terms. I mean I remember listening to them go on and on, but to me the only thing that was coming across was, "I’d better not refuse." I don’t know, it was very intimidating. Lets just say they had a very convincing argument why I should cooperate and suddenly reminded me how hard I had worked for my position. I don’t want to say I was threatened. But it sure felt that way.

You went to London?

Yes that day I was taken by car to Newburg, New York and put on an unmarked plane. That is to say I didn’t see any markings. I don’t know. I don’t know who landed. Uhh, it seemed like military. Everyone I came in contact was wearing fatigues. But I couldn’t tell what branch they were in. There was no distinguishing marks. They were all polite and no one would answer any of my questions. 

When did all this take place?

I arrived in London July 3rd of 2006. I remember because it was the day before the holiday. Needless to say, my children were not thrilled about daddy’s last minute business trip. 

What happened next?

Well it was almost 2 am when we landed and I was taken to a townhouse in the city, I think. I’m not quite sure of the location. The windows were tinted and the car port was sheltered, so I couldn’t see anything outside the car. The townhouse though was manned by British army personnel, that was clear. They escorted me to the British museum each day, and that I have no doubt about, I’ve done a lot of work in the British museum. I’m sure--I would know it anywhere.

What were you asked to do?

My first two days were great. It was almost like a Near Eastern convention. We were gathered in this wonderful institution with this incredible foreigner(?) who was shedding light on so many disciplines, and I’m not just referring to near eastern studies and ancient languages and literature. I’m talking about the sciences. I’m in language, so my work was confined [censored] 2 fragments as well as verification of 3 other fragments. 

What exactly did you see?

For my part I went over 2 fragments of the tablets found inside a copper box. 

Did you see the box?

I did. It was very heavy, and very well crafted. I don’t know, I guess the size of an average toolbox. And here’s something strange, too. It had a piercing glow, and one of my colleagues who arrived three days earlier said the box was found that way. That was causing a minor clamor among a lot of the scientists, and the next day a whole new set of protocols were installed. So that was really where the open discussion ended, and I was no longer able to wander from room to room when I had free time. I was taken back to the townhouse and basically kept there like a prisoner until the next day when we would start work again. 

Why the sudden change?

I think it had to do with all the discussion among the panel members. I had a meeting with several gentlemen [censor] some kind of core(?). They said they had a model which was unlike any other model they had seen and the idea of gasoline or nuclear energy as viable sources of energy was going to be turned on its ear. They said if the model did indeed prove out, life on earth as we know it would change over night. 

How so?

Well, I’m not exactly sure. I don’t know what the implications of what they were saying, but again, this was only my second day there. The next day is when all the security protocols changed. So all discussion virtually ended, except with routine members. 

Do you think they wanted to stop the leaks?

I think as they began to understand the significance of the find, they clamped down on the whole of information. I mean, look how successful they’ve been. Not one panel member has come out on the record. And look at me, I’m doing this anonymously. I mean that’s strange don’t you think? Considering all the leaks?

Have you been threatened?

Like I said earlier, I wouldn’t call it threatened. Everyone I dealt with was very nice, but there was a also very cold business element to all this. I mean, it almost seemed, at least to me, that the option to say no simply didn’t even exist. I mean, you don’t say no to these men. That they made very very clear, and when my wife and kids suddenly were brought into the conversation...[garbled] that became scary. 

So you were threatened.

I don’t want to say that. 

But you just did.

Not in those words.

I want to go back to something you mentioned earlier about your work on these fragments.


You stated that you were, and I’m assuming other members of your team, translated 2 fragments to verify the translations, and then what? Essentially checked with the others?

That’s correct. I was a member of a team of four and we were given two fragments to translate and three others to verify, and yeah, I suppose you could say check. I’m inclined to guess that the fragments our team worked on were sent to others for verification as well. 

So that makes five fragments. 

There’s more than that. 

But you’re saying you yourself worked on five fragments yourself, is that right?

That’s correct. 

Four fragments have been leaked to the public.

I can’t go any further than that. 

Then what?

I worked on a total of five fragments, but other than that, I can’t go any further.

Can you tell us anything else? Were you paid for your participation?

I was. I received $10,000 for the week, which for me ended one day earlier. I remember I went to London on Tuesday and returned the following Monday.

Was the check from a government account? Like the Department of Treasury or the NSA?

Yeah that’s another interesting point. $10,000 had been deposited into my bank account from an anonymous source. When I tried to find out who it came from, my bank said they weren’t at liberty to discuss the matter, citing their own security constraints. I said that I’m a part of the transaction, but apparently that didn’t matter. I [censored] that I would be compensated for my participation, but still the whole anonymous deposit thing was a little off-putting. 

Is there anything else you can tell us?

Well I don’t want to be redundant. I only saw two fragments of these tablets, but I can tell from that we’re dealing with something extraordinary. Cuneiform writing embedded, not carved, in thick chunks of lapis lazuli? I mean, that’s incredible. We’ve seen all kinds of innovative uses of this precious stone, but never have we seen it used in this manner. And from what I’ve worked with it’s more than apparent that the Sumerians were utilizing technologies that we don’t know anything about. The series(?) layering of lapis lazuli demonstrates that clearly. We don’t know how they were made. They looked like carved glass(?) centered deep within inches of glass(?)...embedded, really. I don’t know how else to describe it. 

Can you tell us anything about the craft, of the so-called blueprints that were found?

As I said, during my first two days of the projects, other(?) members were freely mixing, but that quickly came to an end. Although I mentioned(?) about the model that was found and the concept of new source of harnessing energy, I really can’t say much. Again, I was only involved in the project’s linguistic aspects so as the results came in and security proceeded [censored] you know, literally you were confined too, you know, and the discussion of the find with your team members". 

PART II – The Recovered Lapis Lazuli Tablet Text Translated in English

Sumerian Find: Tablet 1

In accord with their wishes
The throne of Kingship had been lowered from the heavens.
Rights were perfected, Divine ordinances were exalted.
In pure places five cites were founded: The first being Eridu, the second Badtibira. Larak was the third and Sippar the fourth. The fifth city was Shuruppak, of which I, Ziusudra, was King.
These were the cult centers. These five cities were designated cult centers.
A clamor came from within the cult centers. A clamor that disturbed the gods.
After the cities were destroyed, the cult centers were destroyed.
After the deluge, the flood sent to cover all the land, the destroyer of life,
And I, Ziusudra, on the high peak of Nimush, arranged seven and seven cult vessels, heaped with reeds, cedar and myrtle and brought the offering to the summit to scatter the incense in every direction, And the Gods smelled the sweet fragrance. 
They smelled the sweet fragrance and clustered around the offering like flies. 
Belet-ili arrived. She held up in the air the great fly ornament Anu had made in his ardor.
“I swear by this precious necklace of lapis,
I shall be mindful of these days and never forget, not ever!”
When Enlil arrived, my wife and I joined the assembly of gods.
He touched my brow and her brow saying, “Hitherto, Ziusudra has been a human being. 
Now he shall be known as Utnapishtim, and he and his wife shall become like us gods.”
Then we were taken faraway.
To the source of the great rivers we were taken.
To the Gihon, Pishon, the Tigris and Euphrates. 
In that faraway place we dwell.
There, at the source of the four mighty rivers we dwell.
Upon our arrival there, at the place beyond all lands,
Enlil said to me, to Utnapishtim, he did say,
“You, ‘The Distant One,’ shall now do your lord Ea’s work. 
Once wisdom came from a thin reed wall, you will do the like. 
Take directions for another, a whole new ship.
Inscribe them in tablets of lapis lazuli.
Inscribe them on the appointed tablets.
Then lay them inside a copper box upon reeds and branches of cedar and myrtle.
Transfer knowledge. Share wealth. Store them safe, faraway
in the city of the mightiest hero of all, who saw what was secret and revealed what was hidden.
Inspect the foundations, set forth by seven masters with masonry of fired-kiln brick. See how it’s facing gleams like copper in the sun?
Climb the stone staircase. Look out at the land it encloses. 
Admire the gardens, shops and temples, all of the magnificent places!
Identify the cornerstone.
Look underneath.”
Now at that time, in those days, the world was still anew.
When Enlil brought forth the tablets, the lands had only just dried.
“Reed hut, reed hut. Wall, wall.
Reed hut hearken, wall reflect.
Tear down house. Build ship.
Give up possessions. Seek life.
Forswear worldly goods. Keep the soul alive.
A new storm looms, yet rains do not squall. Another deluge falls. Again rushing over the lands. 
Heed warning and prepare your family’s cross. 
Transplant joy of human hearts.
Take refuge in Nibiru’s embrace, the return of light in the firmament of the heavens. It has been...(unreadable)
End of tablet.

Sumerian Find: Tablet 2

From the first drink
when he first dipped beneath the mantle
for the firmament’s black nectar he was destined to come.
Centuries later, they did come
in the most violent fashion they came
and disrupted the ways of old.
and the people of the land were confined to their homes.
The invaders fought one another
The invaders fought each other for the spoils of the land.
For the black nectar.
The gods looked sadly at what the people were doing
and took counsel among themselves
for the remedy
All the while the invaders raged on
to the people’s horrified witness the invaders raged on
When the ugly omen appeared in the desert
the usurpers took no heed.
There in the place of Dilmun
The great gods assembled
The great great gods assembled in Dilmun
Ninhursag delivered the charge before Enki
and the fate of the people was sealed.
End of fragment 

Sumerian Find: Tablet 3

It had been established the nations would return.
Nations of men would return to the womb
To Nibiru, the eternal creator mother goddess
The Annunaki sent forth
from the heavens the Annunaki sent for their creation.
An, Enlil, Enki and Ninhursag creators of the black-headed people.
Founders of Eridu, Bad-tibira, Larsa, Sippar, and Shuruppak.
The first cities they founded.
These were the bearers of nations
the mighty men of renown who expelled the Nephilim
and established divine temple ordinances, rituals and rites,
These were the generations, the nations of multitudes.
These multitudes of nations pored forth through the heavens
The Annunaki, An, Enlil, Enki and Ninhursag sent forth the divine messengers
awaiting the return, the return of their offspring, the makers of man awaited
with heavy hearts, laden with joy they awaited.

Sumerian Find: Tablet 4

A new deluge pored forth
From the heavens, a new deluge did come.
With Dilmun on their right and sacred Eridu on their left
The Annunaki were assembled.
Between the two pure places, the source of pure waters
From where the Gihon, Pishon, Tigris and Euphrates did flow
Anointing the land and the people in a purification bath.
These clean waters, the sustaining force of life did dry.
The mighty rivers dried 
Now dust does blow in those places.
Where mighty rivers once did flow,
dust prevails in those places.
Marduk opened the gate and the sons of Dilmun poured forth
The sons of Dilmun,
The brave young men of that pure city
The brightest city of all
Came forth while the sons of Eridu readied the table
Recited the incantations, the forgotten rites of old.
Radiant with clean hands stands Ninhursag
before the Anunakki.
With her clean hands she prepares, oversees preparations for the proper incantations, offerings and rites.
In her clean hands gifts of cucumbers, apples and grapes. 
The offspring, the creation of the Gods, the assembly, the assembled Annunaki, for them
she prepared (unreadable).
The nations, tribes of the earth embarked while the four mighty men held back both fires and winds
So that nothing stirred upon the earth.
Nor day or night, dark or light, stillness prevailed.
Until the nations, the tribes took flight. 
From the earth the designated nations and tribes took flight
As a mountain of fire emerged from the sea
Cleansing the unclean, swallowing the firmament.
End of Tablet 

Sumerian Find: Tablet 5

* The holy migration across the heavens,
the assembled Anunnaki, 
the gods of the apsu were assembled in the sacred places of old and new.
Ea, Ninki, Inanna and Utu,
Enlil beside Ninlil, Adad beside Ninhursag.
Mother Goddess, (unreadable) the wise Mammi
administered divine rights in the light of consecrated fires
while the womb goddess, Belet-ili was present.
The ordained fires, made pure with reeds, cedar and myrtle were burning in the appointed places.
Under the watchfulness, the stewardship of the men of renown, the ancient progenitors,
Umal’s ancient progenitors administered the ordained fires.
At three and two points (unreadable) did the (unreadable) wise men make an offering of flour.
After the circle ritual, Umal, his nations and tribes took refuge.
At three and two points, places of (unreadable) on the way through the heavens,
Umal, his nations and tribes washed their hands,
learned the rites and rituals in these places (unreadable) throughout the holy migration.
There in those places, Umal, the nations of the earth and the tribes
were made clean again.
In those places, Umal was made clean in a purification bath,
fully immersed, he did emerge clean.
As the young men of Dilmun (unreadable)
readied the new ship, the new ships, the planned vessels,
Inscribed by Ut napishtim at the direction of Enlil on behalf of Ea,
were made ready in those designated places.
At two and three points (unreadable)
the brave young men of Dilmun readied the vessels
for the (unreadable) journey through the heavens, the holy migration.
The brave young men of Dilmun administered the (unreadable)
The second (unreadable) next (unreadable), the place of Umal’s toil was prepared.
Abundance was bestowed on the land and in the seas
seed, cereals and fruit bearing trees were bestowed upon the land and fishes of all kind in the seas.
Under the firmament Umal shall (unreadable...unreadable...unreadable) not go.
The gods of the apsu, the assembled anunnaki did decree:
To the heavens shall Umal look for his bread
and to the divine ordinances shall Umal find his justice.
No more shall Umal (unreadable) in the designated, the sacred places.


The Interview

Although the exact translation of the interview as it is posted here has some errors based on the quality of the video, the transcription will have to do. I find it telling that it does, however, sound quite scripted when read—possibly even questioned and answered by the same person using a simple variation between a high pitch and a low pitch voice disguise. You’re led to believe it is two people since it is an interview, but I don’t think it is. It could be that the interview was transcribed, and this YouTube poster got a hold of it and attempted a re-enactment. Or not. Honestly, I can’t find the transcript of this anywhere other than the one I made.

At the beginning of the video, it is stated that questions were provided by “Tristero” who, coincidentally, is the name of the user who posted the video in the first place if you look at his profile. Furthermore, the name Tristero itself seems to come from a Thomas Pynchon novel called “The Crying of Lot 49” which is about a secret organization which antagonizes the main character’s psyche by filling it with ideas about conspiracies. Throughout the course of the novel, the main character goes back and forth between believing in the existence of the Tristero, and believing it is just one big lie, but consistently finds evidence for both. 

In the comments, almost as an offhand remark (possibly to add a sense of foreboding), ENLILSPEAKS states that the “interviewer” who conducted the interview was said to have disappeared two weeks. I don’t understand why the one providing the questions would be safe to write the questions and post the Youtube video, and the anonymous interviewer with the disguised voice with no name would be the one to disappear. Furthermore, if you knowingly provided questions to someone who disappeared as a result of you providing those questions, wouldn’t you feel at LEAST socially responsible enough to come forward and state his name and state some mysterious circumstances surrounding the incident? Like, “Hey, he just interviewed someone on a top secret project for me and now he is gone and I’m probably next, so here is his social security number, birthday, etc, and here is mine and my phone log book…” or something similar. 

At the beginning of the video, after the questions are revealed to have been created by Tristero, a mention is made concerning the whole incident as being a part of a black book project, not Project Black Book. I don’t know if this is a mistake or not. Does he mean Black Project, which is a classified military/defense project that is unacknowledged by the government? I can’t make sense of this without making something up, so I’m assuming it’s a mistake.

The linguist says he remembers that he arrived in London on July 3rd, and he remembers because the next day is the holiday and so his kids were upset. This is plausible, but wouldn’t you remember the date more so because you are being flown to London in an unmarked military plane after being coerced by two NSA officials, and not because the next day is a holiday? In addition, if his objective is to mask his identity, why bring up his children? He gives away too much information—he is the chair of a department in a prestigious university in Semitic and Egyptian literature, he seemingly lives in the New York area, he has kids and a wife, and he was picked up on July3rd, landed at 2AM in London, worked for 6 days, and paid $10,000. That should be plenty of information to nail him. If he is attempting to mask his identity and save his career and family, he better pull a Bob Lazar and find a TV station. He has bank records and the ability to validate the trip itself.

Another point, the content of the interview was written before the 5th fragment of the Sumerian translation was said to have leaked. As such, during the interview, a reference is made to the 5th fragment but the linguist doesn’t want to get into what the 5th fragment contains. More than likely, it is because the whole incident is scripted, and if he actually knew what the 5th fragment contained, he would have stated it anonymously, right there, to back up his claims of being the supposed angry linguist that he is. 

In another section of the interview, the linguist calls ‘gasoline’ a ‘viable source of energy’ which seems an unusual choice of words. Since the contents of the Sumerian documents in question contain references to ‘black nectar’ you would assume he would refer to the energy source as petroleum, or oil. He states he is specialized, but the word choice just doesn’t work for me. It is not ‘gasoline’ that the Sumerian documents talk about, or that is running out in the world…but ‘black nectar.’ He would be thinking about this throughout the whole interview if it were legitimate. And if he were actually able to rub shoulders with a series of energy expert scientists during his stay in London, he would have had a much larger vocabulary here even WITH his specialization. 

It is probably safe to dismiss this whole interview as pure fabrication at this point, but the Thomas Pynchon reference still intrigues me, as it seems to be a wink of the eye to those creative literature specialists who get it. Generally, it is believed that the United States government embarks in disinformation campaigns created by smart people with vivid imaginations who know what people like me will latch on to and look for—much like the viral marketers who worked with Trent Reznor on his Year Zero album--what better name for it than the Tristero? It’s very artsy. Even if ENLILSPEAKS could have done better with the contrivances, he picked a fitting profile name for his lies.

As another artsy bit of décor, both the interview is fragmented AND the Sumerian tablets are fragmented--the interview by a whistle sound, and the tablet as (unreadable)--leading me to assume the interview was designed this way as an intelligent juxtaposition. I wouldn’t give the creator of this posting credit for this type of juxtaposition…if it weren’t for the use of Thomas Pynchon reference. Then again, both obscure artsy references could have been made up by me, and if so, you’re welcome, ENLILSPEAKS, for the enhanced depiction of your work and free advertisement. 

The Fragments

Regardless, even if the preceding interview is a faked by someone as I believe it to be, this says nothing about the actual contents of the tablets and the story concerning the military personnel who discovered it, as the small story provided allows for numerous connections that can be at least validated in some ways, which I am about to show.

First off, the 260th Quartermaster Battalion was, indeed, partially deployed to Iraq in 2003 to Camp Cedar I immediately following the invasion, and then later moved to Camp Cedar II near Talil Air Base in Iraq, according to Wikipedia and the website. They generally provide storage, distribution, and quality surveillance of bulk petroleum products. The logo for this military team is “The nectar for victory” which is written in black, and was designed in 1967. 

The Coat of Arms of the 260th Quartermaster Battalion

Insignia of the 260th Quartermaster Battalion

When I looked up their logo, my first response was one of amazement, as I had never before heard of petroleum being referred to as nectar, and here it was as a part of their logo, as well as a key component to the Sumerian tablets which they, personally, supposedly uncovered by smashing a Humvee into a Ziggurat to reveal the copper box under a cornerstone—or some similar act of stupidity--which has yet to be clarified. The fact that they ‘uncovered’ these tablets which mentions black nectar, and black nectar is a part of their insignia, strikes me of extreme cleverness, and cleverness—to me—is generally noticeable by intelligent beings as a message, or signal, of some other form of omnipresent storytelling in a universe of otherwise random noise. 

Furthermore, considering this would be considered one of the oldest and most intriguing tablets ever discovered which mentions the war over black nectar causing the destruction last time around and engraved using some type of supernatural technology, seeing it this time around right before the supposed destruction of the earth in 2012 or through a war of resources, brings us full circle. The end is the beginning and the beginning is the end—our occupation of the Middle East, where it all began, to find something to keep us going, is so perfect, I have difficulty assuming it is accidental and caused only through the random forces of egotistical greed. Also, considering an organization with ‘nectar’ as a part of their insignia discovered the only Sumerian document referring to this black ‘nectar’ is just…holographic, as it would seem to imply that the same consequence befell a previous civilization for the same reasons. And it is these holographic references throughout history with which I am personally obsessed because it points to intelligence in a world that is generally considered too dumb and tangled to get anything right. Whether that ‘intelligence’ is accidentally supplanted upon reality by people drawing faces in the clouds (me as creator)…or extracted from it (me as participant) …is a 50/50 question that has so rich of an answer, it can provide an eternity of thoughts for an eternal being twiddling its thumbs in a vast void of nothingness.

The series of events concerning the discovery of the tablets even makes sense. The war in Iraq instigated by US and British forces is generally considered to be a war for oil as opposed to a war for terrorists or nuclear weapons. It is also considered to be a war for world heritage at the same time. The confusing aspect here that sends most people’s heads spinning, is if it were a war for oil, why did U.S. forces do so much damage to the oil fields themselves, and if it were a war for world heritage items, why was “Camp Alpha” set up on top of the ancient ruins of Babylon, practically destroying the Ishtar Gate, with U.S. soldiers filling sand bags with artifacts, leveling other areas for landing pads and parking lots? (Damage Seen To Ancient Babylon) That’s just messy and stupid—unless the messiness were intentional, masking true purpose by kicking up dust as they themselves loot and pillage. By doing so, it is no stretch to imagine a series of tablets of lapis lazuli actually being uncovered and flown to the British Museum for study. I mean, isn’t this a form of pillaging, and doesn’t the British Museum receive Sumerian artifacts, anyway? And then, not only to take such tablets, but to intentionally hide the fact that they have done so and to deny that they have anything--strikes of pure thievery. 

In a report found on the British Museum’s website in London entitled An Assessment of Archaeological Sites in June 2008: The Iraqi-British Project, you’ll find references to this “damage from looting” that the British Museum seeks to address. They specifically call out damage from looting and neglect—and those exposed sites must be protected by new, invading, evil forces, I suppose. New fences have to be built, buildings have to be repaired because of their ‘deteriorated condition.’ Well, yeah…anything that old would be deteriorated, and repairs would have to be conducted after the military filled sand bags with artifacts. Is funding needed because repairs from internal forces have torn apart Sumerian holy sites, or is funding needed because tracks have to be covered? The meeting discussing these things at the museum was attended by Major-General Barney White-Spunner, who was informed of a need to ‘protect’ these Sumerian landmarks. This just bothers me, as it is the military which has seemingly done the most damage—not looters. In addition, it is the British Museum itself which has the massive collections of Sumerian artifacts and actively hire researchers to review and restore the findings—to me, this is an example of a ‘darkening’ force, especially when only select findings are shared with the public—those that say little, or next to nothing.

As a result, it is no stretch of the imagination to see this in two ways: the intentions of British Museum officials and the US/British military are genuine, mistakes were made, and they need to rectify those mistakes and request funding to do so. Or…their intentions are double-speak, and the damage that has been committed is their own fault as they sought to perform certain rites of passage for some other higher force. To me, it seems that governments are there to protect the truth of man’s origins at all costs instead of clue them in on those origins. Keep the people ignorant. Hide the smoking guns. How? By sending in the messy people, the foragers, and then the cleanup people--all performed on behalf of a higher power through the fundings of the taxpayer public who receive no direct benefit. Why? For what purpose? Perhaps the keys to the reason for inflicting ignorance upon the masses can be found in the supposed leaked documents themselves.

Most of the document seems to be fragments from the Epic of Gilgamesh and the Sumerian King’s List, with some additions and embellishments. As a result, the study of its contents is not a waste of time, even if the way the fragments have been collected is/is not a forgery. For it is the Epic of Gilgamesh which is among the earliest works known of literary writing, preserved on 12 tablets, including its own account of the flood as told by Ziusudra. In addition, there is archaeological evidence provided supporting the idea that Gilgamesh might have been a real ruler in the 27th century BC—which could have been around the same time some “meteor” supposedly smashed into the shallow marshes of Mesopotamia at Umm al Binni Lake in Iraq ( Considering that the fragments seem to call out “Umal” as the place in which the tribes of earth were “made clean”—the connection between this place in particular and the origins of man is astounding. 

The Epic of Gilgamesh itself (whose name is drawn in cuneiform like a flame and a hollowed bowl) begins with a command to find a copper box which contains the writing of what occurred before the flood: 

He who has seen everything, I will make known (?) to the lands.
I will teach (?) about him who experienced all things,
... alike,
Anu granted him the totality of knowledge of all.
He saw the Secret, discovered the Hidden,
he brought information of (the time) before the Flood.
He went on a distant journey, pushing himself to exhaustion,
but then was brought to peace.
He carved on a stone stela all of his toils,
and built the wall of Uruk-Haven,
the wall of the sacred Eanna Temple, the holy sanctuary.
Look at its wall which gleams like copper(?),
inspect its inner wall, the likes of which no one can equal!
Take hold of the threshold stone--it dates from ancient times!
Go close to the Eanna Temple, the residence of Ishtar,
such as no later king or man ever equaled!
Go up on the wall of Uruk and walk around,
examine its foundation, inspect its brickwork thoroughly.
Is not (even the core of) the brick structure made of kiln-fired brick,
and did not the Seven Sages themselves lay out its plans?
One league city, one league palm gardens, one league lowlands, the open area(?) of the Ishtar Temple,
three leagues and the open area(?) of Uruk it (the wall) encloses.
Find the copper tablet box,
open the ... of its lock of bronze,
undo the fastening of its secret opening.
Take and read out from the lapis lazuli tablet
how Gilgamesh went through every hardship.

Reading this passage after going through the supposed newly discovered documents provides you with a bit of an eye-opener. The idea of a copper box containing the secrets of our origins isn’t new…in fact, it is in the opening passage of one of the earliest works known to man. In addition, the fact that Uruk (Warka) was on the final lists of places to visited by the team setting up restoration efforts through the British Museum is intriguing, as it doesn’t disclude the possibility that the box was actually found—and a cleanup must occur. You would have to imagine, though, that since the discovery of the Epic of Gilgamesh in the mid 19th Century, the directions for finding this copper box would have already been followed by any number of Indiana Jones wannabes—especially by those with authority over the sites specified, so whether or not there is truth in the tale of the new tablets is yet to be seen. 

Furthermore, the idea of creating a ‘time capsule’ out of copper and placing it under the cornerstone of buildings is a freemasonic practice (now a general practice), and you would have to assume that since it is a ritual going back however many years, the people instigating the ritual would be re-enacting it for a reason. Did the freemasons or one of their predecessors, perhaps, find one of these copper boxes a long time ago and keep the contents to themselves, or is this the very copper box they always sought? Regardless, it explains a lot in Tablet 1, which is a reconstitution and revelation of the beginning of the Epic of Gilgamesh concerning the origins of man. 

But why copper box? For it is iron within a meteor that is considered the “bones” of the star kings according to research by Adrian Gilbert in The Orion Mystery, and it is a throne of iron which Osiris himself uses—not copper. Copper was considered a terrestrial metal. You would assume, then, that an iron box would enclose the information within the time capsule, not copper—unless the copper box indicates descriptions of terrestrial origins, and not celestial ones. 

The meaning of it being a ‘copper box’ is enhanced even more when you learn of Tubal-Cain, the supposed name of the first metallurgist, his name being the secret password of the master mason. Tubal-Cain was a descendent of Cain through Lamech and Zillah who, in the Bible, invented metalworking of both iron and copper, for the purpose of pursuing the pleasures of the body. Iron, being the ‘bones’ or history of the gods, and copper being the ‘bones’ or history of man. Since Gilgamesh was considered 2/3rds god and 1/3 man, this may be the constitution of whatever it is which caused the crater, or a constitution of his shared genetic traits. But what happened to this copper and iron? 

From the first tablet (reconstituted from the Epic of Gilgamesh, so we are dealing with non-forged text):

Reed hut, reed hut. Wall, wall.
Reed hut hearken, wall reflect.
Tear down house. Build ship.
Give up possessions. Seek life.
Forswear worldly goods. Keep the soul alive.

If I am allowed to apply my own interpretation here, reeds are used to write the cuneiform text of this epic. It also makes up the constitution of houses in the marshlands of Mesopotamia. This is poetic to me, as it says “you live the story of your life.” Hearkening the reed hut in the same sentence as ‘wall reflect’ seems to say “listen to the story of your life, and use the wall to record it for future reflection” or something similar, and since the copper box ‘time capsule’ is stored under the cornerstone of the wall, it makes sense. Hebrew is written with each letter enhancing the meaning of the word—why wouldn’t the words encoded here in cuneiform do the same? 

Also, tearing down your house and building a ship is brutally fascinating to me mentally, as it can be read in this fantastically holographic fashion on so many levels. Tearing down your house and building a ship seems to imply the death of your body, the death of your past, with your soul alone surviving. It can also imply that whatever it is that landed here was torn down and used as raw material—which wouldn’t have been possible without the survivors relieving themselves of their emotional attachments to the past from whence they came. If you hold on to your attachments (worldly goods) your soul dies, so letting go of the past seems to be an essential act in the reincarnation of the soul of man. The ‘spaceship’ interpretation here is practically unavoidable as well, since it is iron that is said to have come from mars, and copper that has come from Venus. Men are from mars, women are from Venus. The gods are from mars, mankind is from Venus. Gilgamesh is 2/3rds iron, 1/3 copper. Mostly god, but partially man. As such, I cannot avoid the juxtaposition of a real world event and a potential make believe event here. It is a collapse of the two, with Gilgamesh at its center. The Sumerian King’s List has the same features. Even scholars to this day cannot quite determine which aspects of Gilgamesh are real, which aspect of the Sumerian King’s List is real, which aspects of Homer’s work are real, and this archaeological aspect of reality has its appeal to me for several reasons.

Enhancing the confusion is this sequence in Tablet 5 of the new text: 

In those places, Umal was made clean in a purification bath,
fully immersed, he did emerge clean.
As the young men of Dilmun (unreadable)
readied the new ship, the new ships, the planned vessels,
Inscribed by Ut napishtim at the direction of Enlil on behalf of Ea,
were made ready in those designated places.

Umal is the location of a potential inexplicable ‘meteor crash’ in Iraq around the same time that the Epic of Gilgamesh was said to have been written. It was discovered after the marshes began to be drained by Saddam Hussein starting in December of 1992. What once was covered over is now a dry bed and it is given the name Umm al Binni Lake that was a part of an extensive study by the University of the Witwatersrand at Johannesburg ( It hit the news in 2001 as the site of a potential bolide meteor crash in the marshes, thus being a possible explanation for the Biblical flood. However, a mystery was embedded within the report, stating that the actual crater site had a ‘polygonal outline’ which differed greatly from the highly irregular outlines of the surrounding lakes. The bolide meteor was presented as a theory, but there were still several mysteries sited in the analysis.

“The new images of the dry lake show a highly asymmetrical aspect to the lake: the southern half has smooth straight edges to the polygon sides, whereas in the northern half these edges are more irregular. The southeastern part of the crater is surrounded by a series of scalloped concentric zones, which are similar in appearance to ejecta blankets from young terrestrial and non-terrestrial impact structures. However, ejecta-type material is totally absent from the northern half of the Umm al Binni structure. If the feature is of impact origin, then it should have a symmetrical ejecta blanket surrounding it on all sides, unless it was the result of a very low-angle oblique impact, or if part of the ejecta blanket was eroded away.”

So what we have here is straight polygonal lines and a blanket of ejected material which only extends in a single direction instead of all directions. The celestial explanation for this would be if the meteor (or ship?) came in at an extremely low angle, and embedded itself within the marshes. What explanation would there be for the straight polygonal lines of the crater, unless it was a structure as opposed to a meteor? Further down in the report, 

“The high-resolution imagery shows the presence, in an area that was marshland just a decade ago, of a possible village or settlement about 4 km ENE of the Umm al Binni structure, from which paths radiate in all directions, possibly caused by domestic animal tracks.”

Dilmun, perhaps? And what does the word ‘Dilmun’ mean, anyway? In Mesopotamian culture, Dilmun is mentioned as a place of ‘raw material and copper.’ In context, copper would be memories of past cultures of man, as it is this copper that is used to build time capsules that record pre-history of man beneath the cornerstones of the holy temples. Raw materials could have been the remaining items of whatever it is that landed. Why? Recall this phrase: 

Tear down house. Build ship.
Give up possessions. Seek life.
Forswear worldly goods. Keep the soul alive.

Consider, for instance, what man would do if he were forced to flee to Mars. The ship itself would be reconstituted and used as raw materials for living in the new environment. Yes, it would be painful, but if the earth was destroyed, you can easily imagine yourself whispering to yourself in sorrow that the soul of man fills your veins and that it is up to you. You would tear apart your ship with tears streaming down your face, sacrificing those ‘otherworldly’ goods for the purpose of keeping the soul of man alive. 

Dilmun is also described as “the place where the sun rises.” A new beginning, perhaps? The dawn of a new day? It is also the site at where creation occurred in the epic of Enki and Ninhursag. All of these things add up with the timing of the writing of the Epic of Gilgamesh. The crash of whatever it is that came to earth at a low angle had sharp polygonal angles and provided raw materials in the new, foreign environment. 

So we have a crash, tablets claiming that it is the birth of a new civilization, archaeological evidence pointing to the fact that it is the birth of civilization, the first literary works, as well as the first known social power structure known to man. Even more intriguing, we have the Tigris and the Euphrates river that look like fallopian tubes, and the whole area resembling figuratively the reproductive system of a woman. The location of the meteor can easily be imagined as the incubation area of where an egg would sit as it develops in the womb before being expelled.

Is this a massive coincidence, or something more? To further enhance this, we have this phrase found in the new tablets: 

Between the two pure places, the source of pure waters
From where the Gihon, Pishon, Tigris and Euphrates did flow
Anointing the land and the people in a purification bath.
These clean waters, the sustaining force of life did dry.
The mighty rivers dried
Now dust does blow in those places.
Where mighty rivers once did flow,
dust prevails in those places.

And we have, now, the real life equivalent which gives me chills even now just reading it over for the tenth time, especially since it is being done in the very area spoken of within the tablets:

Saddam drains life from Arab marshes: Scientists fear Iraq’s historic wetlands face destruction in 10 to 20 years, says Andrew North

It was because of this draining that the location of the Umm al Binni Lake with the distinct, polygonal lines was uncovered. A return to our origins. Life comes around full circle as the ‘copper box with tablets of lapis lazuli’ is opened, and we rediscover our origins. For a further stunning comparison, look at a Sumerian drawing of Gilgamesh, and the shape and configuration of the crater and surrounding terrain: 

Google Maps

Since the indication of intelligence in an otherwise ‘accidental , random universe’ is the discovery of a pattern, can you not see this pattern manifesting itself in a purposeful way before your very eyes? As such, you have to ask yourself, why would the government of man, run by a distinct ritualistic group of people that do not seem to look after the interests of mankind, keep something like this intentionally to themselves? Why would you hide your origins? 

Even if you find the new tablets striking of fabrication, you have to wonder, has our entire history been fabricated in this same way? This ‘explosion’ which smashed into the marshes of Mesopotamia around 2700 BC seems to be both an immaterial (fictional) event as well as a material event. In modern day quantum mechanics as well as in new age thinking, this type of thing would be a collapse of the wave function…that which makes a possible universe a probable one. And it was done via applied intent

We are born with amnesia as a singular entity and a populace culture. The keepers of the secrets of our origins is an exclusive club. These are the veiled (and now revealed) secrets of the gods from the heavens as they integrated with mankind, yet worked to keep their bloodlines pure. They keep these secrets to themselves. Their resources to do so are unlimited, as they can print those resources without repercussions, and we have no idea on how to stop them. We buy their goods, use their money, go to their churches, pray to their gods…and build their canals in hopes that we can feed our family on land that we will never own, using money that is forever devalued using our eternal sweat and tears. Those who see life in this way are considered conspiracy theorists. It is no secret that the truth of our origins have been kept from us. Try to remember what you were before this life for personal affirmation of this truth. And even if you don’t believe in flesh and blood gods, on a mythological level, the results are the same. As the ‘black nectar’ of the earth dries up, we return to the last storehouses of it to feed, while our civilization and bodies collapse under the weight of age and use. The fractal representation of ourselves is thus reflected within the earth itself, and there is no cure for our death or the death of our planet, other than to build a ship, and move on, for it is death itself which is the equivalent of a collapse. Owning death itself allows you to call the shots. 

You have to ask yourself, if you were Saddam, would you drain a marshland? You have to ask yourself, if you ran the military, would you fill sandbags with artifacts and knock down walls of an ancient city for helipad? The true intentions of these activities are covered over as the ‘arrogance’ of man, yet these arrogant incidents seem to have immaterial purpose…as if they are re-enactments in a story, planned, much like the paths of the stars are planned. Saddam is an actor, just as George Bush was an actor, a puppet on a string.

People are schooled to believed that it is reincarnation which is the secret of the gods, yet to me, the true secret seems to be how one can collapse the wave function into particles, on how to make purely fantastic worlds coalesce into substance. This occurred in the epic of Gilgamesh that we are still living today. Saddam performed his role in the story to complete the tale with the drainage of the marshes and the rediscovery of our origins at Dilmun and the Umm al depository. It is a ‘collapse’ which makes the immaterial, material—of both civilizations and particles. It is a collapse of ourselves that we have to look forward to since we are infected by something from elsewhere, giving our consciousness a confused form of infinity in someone else’s story. The tales of reincarnation, of the lights at the end of the tunnel, of recursion, seem to trap us both in this life as well as the next. I know not how this place was built—other than through a series of lies and deaths. Can’t you see this immaterial and material tale coalescing by staring at the maps of Iraq? This is not just our story being told, folks. Ours has been infected by an outside intelligence which is 50% fabricated on a much higher level. They hand us our language, our truths, our myths, our knowledge, our money. We thus cannot form a thought without the use of their tools. They hand us our tales, our awards, our organs, our genetic development, and keep the secret keys to the collapse themselves. Our bodies seem to be intentionally designed to reproduce, to work, and to provide a filtration system to handle our addictive tendencies as we smash our heads against the walls of our prison. They medicate our consciousness to keep us here. Furthermore, the lessons our bodies try to teach us are meant to confuse, and like a deer in headlights, once you are confused, there is no escape. Hence we feel someone isn’t being “logical” enough or “emotional” enough, or practical enough, or impractical enough. We divide our thoughts, ourselves, but do not conquer. They conquer using the division of us that we stupidly try to emulate…them, with their inbred network of puristic family trees. These, we once tried to end. The floods came, and when it was over, we gathered up the cedars of Lebanon (man-god offspring family trees), took them to the mountain tops, coated them with myrtle (calls for rebirth), reeds (all of the stories of our past lives), lit them on fire as an offering , while we pleaded for some god, any god, to hear our cries, and answer our calls for mercy. Please, we pleaded….give us another way, another land, another ship—anything but this. Save us from ourselves. 

Someone came. Someone answered. And once again, the command was given: build a copper box with that which remains, a time capsule of secrets, bury it under the cornerstone, keep it hidden, protect the mysteries…and start over, all of you, in ignorance, yet again. You, go the left, you, go to the right. There has to be some order around here. I will protect your secrets. I will keep them safe. I alone will know where they are buried. I alone will hold the keys to the connection man has between the red bloods and the blue bloods, seated on the horns of Gilgamesh, throughout the eternal wheels of time with a dark nectar of organic, dead material at its core. 


Are these but an endless series of coincidences? I have no idea, but this is yet another one of my most humble efforts to find out. I’m not a scholar, but I hate it when stories like this go ignored. There is an authority playing with patterns here. But who, and why? If this whole thing is yet another entirely made up fiction, hats off to the teller of tall tales! He had my attention, and if you read this whole thing, he had yours as well. 

*Important Update 09/13/2009

These two new images were sent to me by Chris Darnell, which could help point to who is really involved with this fabrication and/or true recovery with a consequential cover up. I submit to you the evidence for your review. 

The Vatican Coat of Arms: 

Note the keys. Why are they the same set as the ones found on the 260th Quartermaster Battalion Coat of Arms who supposedly uncovered (looted) the artifacts pointing to our origins? And why is St. Peter gripping the same set? 


I guess when you hold both keys to the kingdom, you can do whatever the heaven/hell you want.


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