Sunday, September 7, 2014

Strange light over Havasu captures UFO investigator’s attention

A double rainbow graced Lake Havasu City skies on July 13, but for a few locals, the spectacle of refracted light was overshadowed by a strange orb of light descending from the clouds.
A YouTube video recorded from the south end of town shows a white light descending from a pinkish cloud on the evening of July 13. The unidentified cinematographer describes the light changing colors, although these distinctions may be difficult to see in this video.
The off-camera voice also surmises where the alleged UFO landed.
“It seems to be lowering into SARA Park,” he said.
No reports of alien activity or strange aircraft have been reported at SARA Park on July 13 or the following days. But the video caught the attention of Dennis Freyermuth, chief investigator for the Phoenix Mutual UFO Network, who said he’s been investigating this purported UFO incident. He said he takes these investigations seriously and conducts them methodically, and scientifically.
“Do we have a true event?” he said. “Or an explainable event? Or a natural phenomenon? I’m coming up empty-handed.”
Freyermuth said he could not confirm any aircraft activity, helicopter or otherwise in the area on July 13. He has not confirmed any other witnesses besides those in the video, but even those witnesses were unavailable.
He said it is strange that nobody else in the city reported the lights, which leads him to believe if anybody had seen the light, they knew what it was and paid no attention to it.
“Right now I have no other supporting evidence other than this video clip and (the recorder’s) statements… I can’t come up with anything else to verify something unusual,” Freyermuth said. “Based on my observation it doesn’t look like an E.T. event.”
The investigator said the Phoenix MUFON, which covers all of Arizona, receives reports of 15 to 25 UFO sightings a month, and sometimes as many as 40 in a month.
He said 95 percent of the sightings are explainable.
“Because we have such clear skies in Arizona, people and visitors see things they’re not used to seeing,” he said. “A lot of time people see lights in the sky and they let their imagination get the best of them.”
Some sightings turn out to be hoaxes, but they are few. Freyermuth said he has come across some convincing sightings, but nothing certain.
“I have yet to find a smoking gun,” he said.
And so far, there have been no reports of little green men wandering the English Village or snorkeling in the Channel.
A message was sent to the YouTube video’s creator but the reporter received no response.
Watch the video below. Editor's note: Video contains foul language.


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