Friday, January 10, 2014

UFO photo over Blackburn, England tweeted to UK paper.

The Lancashire Telegraph newspaper says they have received additional UFO sighting reports after news coverage of a recent sighting in Barnoldswick, England. They also solicited tweeters to submit their sightings, and received this picture taken in July over the town of Blackburn.
The Barnoldswick UFO sighting included a photo that was posted on the Pendle Today newspaper’s website on December 19, 2013.

Since then, the Lancashire Telegraph says they received another UFO sighting report from December. This sighting was in the town of Accrington on December 13, 2013. Witness Mike Ashworth told the Lancashire Telegraph:
My family and I were getting out of our car and going into our house when I noticed something moving above me. I shouted to everyone ‘look at that’. It was a half spherical object that was bright lime green in colour with loads of red pulsating lights underneath it. Size in the sky was approximately the size of a golf ball when held at arm’s length. It took about 12 seconds to go from over head, to disappearing over Longridge Fell some 15 miles in a north-westerly direction. It made no noise and was travelling far faster that the commercial aircraft that fly over Accrington daily.

Earlier this week the Lancashire Telegraph tweeted a request for followers to tweet them back their UFO stories. One of the responses included a photo. Tweeter @Bloddys_world says he took the following photographs on July 11, 2013 in the town of Blackburn.
Bloddys_world also described another UFO sighting in his neighborhood. He tweeted:
In the late 70s, lots of people in Bburn woken by a bright cigar-shaped light that floated across town following the railway line… it affected electricals like clocks & alarms. Our neighbour (old man) had been in RAF saw it. He said “wasn’t anything of ours” …3 different people on our street saw it (railway was few hundred yds away) & it was talk of the street. We slept through it :-(
Another UFO story from the UK is making international headlines this week. A commercial airline pilot reports that while flying near Heathrow Airport in London, on July 19, 2013, he physically ducked when he saw a cigar shaped UFO zip past the windshield of his plane.

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