Thursday, January 9, 2014


The following video was described as follows: Miami, FL. UFO Object spotted using the finder camera at 3:48pm, lost north lower in the horizon around 4:10pm. This is a very weird looking object. Jeremy Thomas We try to be as precise as we can when we make some claims: When we use the label UFO is because we have been unable to identify the object of interest, we always try to look for the standard objects in the sky: man made airplanes/drones, birds, balloons, astronomical objects like the Moon, Venus that are usually the only ones visible in daylight and sometimes satellites like the ISS, but these are very hard to spot in daylight. 

The more difficult of the standard objects to identify are the balloons because they come in very, very different shapes and materials: but looking to its movement relative to the wind and/or its configuration and movement with high zooming lens you can almost always get an identification. You can always check this channel section: "Visual References" to get and idea of how standard objects look like with the used setup.

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