Wednesday, May 28, 2014


It was a strange sight for those around Tinker Air Force Base early Tuesday morning.
After radio stations were flooded with callers talking about UFOs, officials are saying an equipment failure may be to blame for the strange sight in the sky.
Some Midwest City residents thought the strange light was a UFO.
Keshonda Parker said, “I heard people thought it was aliens, you know a whole bunch of weird things.”
Tinker officials confirmed that they had a power outage impacting a large portion of the base.
Kathleen O’Shea from OG&E said equipment failure is to blame for the strange light.
“We had this equipment failure and that resulted in the arcing that people caught on the video,” said O’Shea.
“It resulted in this kind of burning out of the inside of our piece of equipment, and also kind of caused some damage in two other transformers.”
“Our crews are still there trying to get power back on. They really don’t know everything that happened. They’re still trying to put the pieces together.”

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