Tuesday, May 27, 2014

What Is This Object Photographed From A Plane Over London?

In the series of photos featured in the video below, a purported unidentified object was observed during a morning flight over London. The video gives the date of May 25, presumably the date on which the observation was made.
Though the photos are grainy and the object was captured at distance, two lights on opposite ends of a large, gray-colored central structure can be seen. One possible solution might be a grounded structure in the distance, though the cloud deck appears to be visible below the object, indicating it was indeed airborne. It is difficult to discern from the photos, based on the angle and distance from the object, whether it is merely another passenger plane or military aircraft in flight.
Europe has an exhaustive history of objects flying in close proximity to passenger planes and other aircraft, including a recent encounter with a “rugby ball” shaped craft over England that made headlines several times over the last few months. The website UFO Casebook also features a detailed history of UFO and plane encounters.

Source: Gralien Report

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