Thursday, January 16, 2014

Antarctic Discovery Of ‘Portal’ Into The Ice.

In a follow up to the “Something Strange Under The Antarctica” article by Live Free or Die on Tuesday, videographer FreedomFighter2127 did a little more research which he explains in the video below.

Long story short – Something was believed to be activated in the Antarctica, radiation, microwave transmissions coming from 100 feet below the ice, and many ended up sick after heading there to investigate. The top secret nature of this entire situation implies what is under there is huge news.

That is the short version, read the original HERE

What FreedomFighter says he found was some “ginormous portal or hole” into the ice.

What I like about this videographer is he doesn’t claim to know what he is looking at, is more than willing to hear ideas and be informed. He goes through what he does believe, which is that there are underground bases down there, but he makes it clear that it is his personal opinion.”

He calls his findings “intriguing” and after watching, I have to agree.


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