Thursday, January 16, 2014

UFO: Astronomer discover Moon's alien entrance.

The moon has been the focus of study for decades which resulted in a number of controversial findings.

Based on the video report posted on UFO Sightings Daily dated December 30, 2013, an Australian eyewitness was comparing the before and after photos of Zeeman Crater's five-mile entrance.

"You can see up here there's some dome ridges in it and stuff like that; and let's leave it back here, it's been totally smudged out. It is absolutely missing 100% missing. Gone!"

Using Google Earth and the coordinate 72°30'41.04" S 145°30'29.62" W, the photograph taken in 1967 shows that the crater’s opening is clearly visible; but on the new version of the same opening, it appears that the said opening was erased from the photograph.

"This is just smeared out, smudged out. Typical NASA style" as observed by the eyewitness.

The Australian eyewitness is a good friend of Scott C. Waring, an astronomer, UFOlogist and editor ofUFO Sightings Daily.

The Moon Could be an Artificial Satellite

Could the moon be really an artificial satellite? Taking into account the photographed opening of the Zeeman Crater, it is apparent that the area above the opening is designed like the steps of a staircase and with the effort exerted to cover it up is raising a lot of questions.

Is the moon serving another purpose, other than lighting up the sky during night time?

Carl Sagan, a renowned scientist stated that satellites cannot be hollow. True as it is, when the moon produced a reverberation, similar to that of a bell, on two separate occasions, plus the claims of 2 Soviet Scientists that intellectual beings had existed in the moon for ages, support the theory that the moon could be an artificial satellite. 

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