Friday, January 17, 2014

Destruction Of Our Entire Civilization Is Happening Now (Disturbing Video).

“Throughout history all civilizations that have fallen saw a sharp increase in this type of behavior shortly before their destruction.”

The comment above prefaces the video below which videographer TheScariestMovieEver describes as “the most disturbing video I’ve made to date,” but he felt was important to see and understand that this is happening right now!.”

In this video you will see a compilation of news reports and real life situations and stories which shows the degradation of human beings that if allowed to continue on the same path will ultimately lead to the complete destruction of our own civilization. 

I will add that if we do leave this to continue unabated, we will deserve it.

An Epidemic of Bestiality & Cannibalism!

(WARNING- The subject matter of the video below is disturbing)

Source: BIN

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