Monday, February 3, 2014

Turkish Government Official Confirms UFOs Over Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey- A senior government official has confirmed that a cluster of unidentified flying objects were spotted over the clear winter skies of Istanbul on January 31, 2014. The official, who desired to remain anonymous because of the sensitivity of the matter, came forward after an image of the UFO cluster was forwarded to a government agency just yesterday. is the first Western media outlet to break this story.
“I can confirm there was substantial UFO activity over Istanbul on the night of January 31,” said the government official. “We are currently investigating the origination of the flying objects but there is strong preliminary indication that the objects may have been extraterrestrial. We surmise this due to the fact that there were no commercial or private aircraft in the vicinity of Istanbul at that hour of night.”
Istanbul is one of the most congested urban areas of the world with an estimated population just under fourteen million people. The alleged UFO sighting occurred during the morning hours around 3 am. A man by the name of Ali Ozcan is the only person to have taken a picture of the cluster of UFOs using his smartphone. spoke to Mr. Ozcan before breaking this story.
“I was heading home from work at the restaurant when I saw something overhead,” he said. “It was very bright, very prominent in the sky. I was not sure what it was, I mean, of course one thinks it’s a UFO or something out of the ordinary at first, but I honestly had no idea what it could have been. I quickly snapped a picture with my iPhone just before the flying objects disappeared. It couldn’t have been more than a matter of seconds, really.”
“Nothing like this has ever happened to me so it’s really exciting that I was the only person to have photographed the objects,” he said. “I hope your news outlet and the Turkish government can shed some light on these objects.” has also learned through the government official interviewed for this article that several leading Turkish scientists have been called to Istanbul to analyze the photo. There is no word yet if the Turkish government plans to release the image or news of this UFO event to the general public.
“We have not made a decision about releasing any data to the populace at this early junction of our investigation,” said the Turkish government official. “We will make any and all important decisions as we gather further information. It is our goal to keep our citizens safe at all costs and that’s what we plan to do.”
Mr. Ozcan, however, believes the UFOs over Istanbul should be made public. “I was the one that send the photo to the proper government agency. Therefore I believe the government has a duty to inform everyone of what it was that appeared over the skies of our city. We have a right to know and I have full faith my government will disclose everything shortly.”

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