Wednesday, February 5, 2014

(VIDEO) Franz Beckenbauer: Aliens Have Challenged Humans to Soccer Game, ‘Winner Takes Earth’

Franz Beckenbauer says that he’s been in contact with a group of aliens who have challenged humans in a soccer game.
The “winner takes Earth,” says the soccer legend, the only man to have won the World Cup as both a player and a manager.
The aliens are the mysterious men who have been appearing at soccer games across Europe, Beckenbauer claims.
The mysterious symbol that is emblazoned on their robes and that has been seen in the United Kingdom, New York, and Brazil is the insignia of the alien race, Beckenbauer added.
In a video published on YouTube, a reporter asks Beckenbauer if he is serious. Aliens? A soccer game?
“I’m very serious,” said Beckenbauer.
“The fate of mankind hangs in the balance, and I fear that the winner takes Earth.”
The aliens want to play a soccer game, and Beckenbauer will assemble a team called the Galaxy 11 to face them.
“I will lead a team of Earth’s finest, and I am taking careful and calculated steps to determine and assemble this team,” he said.
Asked if he had chosen anyone for the team, he said he had no comment: ”I’m still considering all options.”
On November 11, the first player will be announced.
Do we have a chance?
“We have no choice. We have to win.”
Any parting words?
“It’s ironic that after all this time, it will not be the military or our science that will be our salvation. It will be football that saves the planet.”
Source: ET

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