Saturday, March 22, 2014

An Alien UFO Caught on Camera in Germany [VIDEO]

A German witness at Baden-Wuerttemberg reported watching an unusual plate-shaped object (UFO) fly in the sky on March 17, 2014. He was in the front yard with his mother and friends when they noticed the object.
“We were all just hanging out at the front yard and my mother pointed to the sky and said ‘look at that plane flying over’,” witness said.
“Then it came to a sudden stop and was just hovering there. So I ran inside and grabbed my video camera.” It was really strange. I was quite sceptical of these things but it just blew my mind. I have no idea what it was but in my guess I think it’s a UFO despite how crazy that might sound. It flew directly from north to south and it disappeared with a lighting speed.”Alien UFO Caught on Camera
Witness managed to capture a clear shot. The object was not seen again.
The 2013 Canadian UFO Survey, compiled annually by Ufology Research, found 1,180 sightings across the country, 129 of those in Alberta.
You can read more details about other UFO reports at the –  UFO Exopolitics section.

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