Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Something strange is stalking cows in North Carolina

According to a reports filed with the Mutual UFO Network, there's some very strange things happening in North Carolina recently. From unexplainable lights to sightings of alien creatures, it seems like the Tar Heel State might be your best bet for a close encounter.

Just last week, a witness in the tiny town of Weaverville gave testimony to MUFON that recapped an encounter with a "strange being" creeping around a cow pasture, and the details are downright creepy. 

The witness reports that they were enjoying a nice night on their porch when they noticed something in the nearby pasture that definitely wasn't a cow. 

I saw something move by a tree just above the lower pasture. I kept my eyes there and 'it' stepped out. Strangest thing I ever saw. It looked really tall, 7 to 10 feet. It looked really skinny - stick like. I could see very long fingers on the hands. It was approximately 20 feet from a cow that it appeared to be watching.
As soon as I moved it sprinted toward the woods at the base of a small mountain/hill. The stride it made was amazing to see. The sprint was more like speed walking - very smooth, quick, long strides almost gliding with leg and knee movement. It was grayish brown and blended perfectly with trees. As I saw it enter the tree line, it paused and looked back over the pasture toward me.

In order to get a better view, the witness ran indoors to grab a pair of binoculars, but by the time they returned the strange creature had disappeared. 

This report comes as the latest in a long line of bizarre encounters reported in North Carolina

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