Saturday, August 2, 2014

Woman photographed with shadow figure while out to lunch with family

A woman went out to lunch with her family and while waiting for their food one of the family members started taking photos. After reviewing the images later that night, she noticed something strange in one of the photos. 
"I'm not sure what it is or if its anything at all. My family and I went to the Carvery in Reading for Sunday lunch, that's where the photo was taken. I think I have something here," 
According to Parris, a family member had taken multiple photos of her back-to-back and in one of the images a strange ghost appeared. The first photo she submitted appears to be normal whereas thesecond photo taken immediately after captured a black figure standing behind her.

What do you think the eerie figure is? Is it a real person? Is it a hoax? 
Source: Examiner

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