Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Woman snaps photo of ghostly figure at 4th of July fireworks display in Georgia

A woman got a strange surprise after snapping photos of her granddaughter at a fireworks display in Georgia with her family last week. After reviewing the photos later that evening she noticed a ghostly figure in one of the images.
Petra Brooks was out with her family to watch the fireworks in Fort Stewart, Georgia on the 4th of July. Brooks and her family decided to sit in a parking lot to watch the display with only a few people around. She was taking photos of her granddaughter playing, and after reviewing the images later that night, she noticed an odd phantom-like figure in one of the photos.
"Last Friday evening, we were at the 4th of July fireworks at Fort Stewart, Georgia. We sat in a parking lot with just a few other people, only a few hundred feet away from Warrior's Walk, which is a place around the parade field that has hundreds of trees, each planted for a fallen soldier,"Brooks said on a post on
In the photo, a gentleman in a blue shirt can be seen sitting in a lawn chair with Brooks' granddaughter and two young boys playing.
"I was snapping pictures of my granddaughter playing and running with the two young boys of the man in the light blue shirt. The pictures came out a little blurry because the kids were running and it was dusk, but when I went through to delete them, I came upon this shot!" she said.
Brooks insisted that there wasn't anyone walking in front of her when she was taking the photos.
"My daughter-in-law was right next to me, watching me delete the shots and saw the figure the same time I did. I cropped it down and immediately shared it with the gentleman in light blue and the few other people with us in the parking lot. There was NO ONE walking past or standing there when I took the shot," Brooks said.
What exactly is the eerie figure in the photo? Is it a hoax or is the figure simply misidentified? Could it actually be a shadow figure or a ghostly phantom? 

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